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I have seen a memory kit from kingston it is the kingston hyperz predator 8gb 2133mhz cl11
i already have 8gb of RAM, it is from an unknown brand (can't find anything from it on the internet) with 1333mhz and cl9
the new memory sticks are the same price as the most 1600mhz 8gb kits in my country.

would i get a noticeble increase with my system?

i7-2600 non-k @4,1ghz
1,5tb HDD 5400 rpm
128gb ocz synapse ssd
msi gtx 660ti power edition
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  1. It is not advisable to have different rams in a system. And you will not see any noticeable increase in the system performance. It is better that you put the 1600 MHz cards in your system or buy a set of 4 cards that are all same.
    Having different rams will lead to different random crashes at any point in time.
  2. sorry if i didn't made my intension very clear, I wanted to put the new sticks in and the old sticks out and give to a friend of mine for his system.
    so do i get a noticeble increase of speed with replacing the 1333mhz cl9 ram with 2133mhz cl11 ram? (both 8gb)
  3. You will see a speed boost under load. When the system is idling you will experience no boost.
  4. Quote:
    i7-2600 non-k @4,1ghz

    out of my curiocity upto how much you can clock your non-k i7-2600 ?
    and what base clock and multipliyer settings you are using ?
    is it turbo frequency or base speed?

    to your question, dual channel 1333mhz or1600mhz is almost good, you may notice some improvements (~5-10%) in benchmarks and ram heavy tasks (maybe video transcoding) , but not in general tasks and games or responsiveness
  5. @truegenius

    I have 4,1 as my base speed, I have the multiplier set 41 but the non-k version sets it automaticly back to 39. (i have done this for ease because it shows in every application 4,1Ghz now)
    the base clock is 105

    I have tried to put the base clock to 108 to get 4,2 but it then went to a very unstable state

    I use the zalmann CNPS9900 MAX to cool it (300w of heat can be dissapetad) (97,2W is the most i got out of the cpu)
  6. also, is it possible to use the old 8gb of RAM as cache, because i also have a caching ssd?
  7. you can use some of your ram as cache
    by using ramdisk , you can create drive from your ram and can use it as temorary cache (as everything will be lost after a restart)
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