Acer AL707 17" LCD Monitor

Has anyone used or read anything about this model? Looks fairly new and seems to have decent specs for gaming. Just looking for some advice and opinions.

Quick Overview

Size 17"
Maximum Resolution 1280 x 1024
Pixel Pitch 0.264mm
Colours 16.7 million
Viewing Angle (L/R; U/D)
Display Area 150o / 125o
338 x 270mm
Contrast 500:1
Brightness 250cd/m2
Response Time 20ms
Input Signal Analog (D-Sub)
Power Consumption 45W (max)
Power adapter AC Adapter 100-240V
Weight 5 kg
Dimension (WxHxD) 422 x 449 x 215
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  1. Can't say I have I'm afraid... though when I was in the market for a new 17" LCD a few months back I looked at the specs of the AL732 and thought nice - big problem was availability though - even though it's on the UK website availability is non-existant. Might be worth checking for your intended model too.
  2. I bought that monitor few weeks ago. It is very good but there is no DVI input (Is it so important..? Think not...). Image quality is great and monitor works fine in games witch i have tested so far (Battlefield 1942, Max Payne and Live For Speed). There is no ghosting or any other problems. Backlight is very stable. There is one hot pixel glowing red but it's not bothering much... Good 17" TFT i would say.
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