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Hey everyone, with the imminent release of BF3, Skyrim, D3, Guild Wars 2, MW3 and future games down a year or so, i'm looking for some advice with what new GPU to purchase.

My rig is on my signature.
I don't plan to OC my CPU any time soon/or upgrade it.
I only play on single monitor 1920x1080p. No desire for multiple screens. (possibly 1920x1200)
I would like to play games at max settings with fancy AA.
Currently have my shitty 6870, dont plan to CF due to stutter issues etc.

So looking for a GPU (6950 1GB/2GB, 570, 6970, maybe 580 , or 7xxx series?)
I know i wont get epic fps with these cards for BF3 which is acceptable.
Physx or not, i dont care tbh.
Directx11 tessellation also not a big deal for me.

Any opinions?
Budget of course is limited to GTX 580 (~500$ AUD).
Any bottlenecks etc? (im noob with those matters)

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