Burning Smell!!!

It's coming from the Ultra 750W PSW...a burnt plasticy smell. Everything is working fine. I had a 1100t CPU with an Asus Crosshair IV mobo laying around and figured I'd build my gf a computer so she could leave my alone while I play video games on my main rig. I just finished setting her up with my old case, PSW, and 4 GB of ripjaw RAM. Everything is working fine, except it smells like burning plastic. I know that's a bad sign...but is there any possibility that the smell could be the result of a long period with use...like a new toaster oven??

These are the specs of my old system brought back from the dead:

Asus Crosshair IV
x6 1100t (stock cooling)
Ultra 750
4 GB of RAM
500MB harddrive
Nvidia 275 GTX

I'm 100% positive that smell is coming from the power supply. Everything is working fine, used GPU-Z to check the graphics temp, core temp to check the cpu...everything is hunky dory and the compy is running fine.

I'm ready to hand it over to here to do her work...but that smell is concerning me. I realized that the overclock button was ON on the mobo...and I switched that off. Since then I feel like the smell is getting less severe. But its still there when I put my nose beside it....

Should I be concerned???
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  1. without use*
  2. Pull the PSU out and shake it, see if anything has fallen or gotten lodged inside

    otherwise more then likely something was getting too hot from the overclock causing it to start melting plastic. if thats the case with no o/c going anymore the smell should dissipate over time anyway and be all good
  3. My first power supply was an Ultra...

    My PSU Also smelt like burning (Bought it from TigerDirect). I called Ultra and they told me right away to disconnect it and contact new egg to RMA it.

    I called Newegg and requested a refund.

    Never doing buisness with tiger again.

    Then I bought this http://www.newegg.ca/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817139021&Tpk=CORSAIR%20750W%20TX

    Ultra psu's are garbage. Never buy them
  4. Well...I dusted it with some pressurized air...the thing was PACKED with dust from being in my closet. I feel like the smell has subsided somewhat, but when I put my nose close to the exhaust, I can smell the burning "plastic" smell. My current computer doesn't generate that odd smell.

    The computer is running fine. Everything is stable. But its that smell that's bothering me. If its burning plastic (this next statement may appear highly ignorant to the non-hypochondriac), than I could be at risk of cancer with the fumes it may be emitting...
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