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Good day Graphics & Displays community.
It's been like 6 months I'm connecting my PC to my LED screen to watch movies, play games ETC.
Recently something happened to my cable, the plastic around the plug kinda broke and eventually it doesnt connect to well, (I use an HDMI Cable that connects from the LED TV Screen to the PC (Theres a small DVI to HDMI Adapter that allows me to use that cable) It worked fine for the last six months until the cable got screwed.

So I bought a new one, 5 meters one, connected to the TV, the Windows 7 sound plays that means it detected the screen and when I right click on Desktop and click Dsiaply resolution settings etc to switch the screens, it DOES detect the LG TV screen, but when I click on Duplicate Screen, my 24" PC screen switchs to 1920x1080 resolution (it's 16:10) like it should, however there is no signal on the TV flat screen, nothing at all, tried to switch to another HDMI slot in the TV, still nothing. funny thing is, it worked with the last HDMI cable.

The PC DOES detect that the TV is there! however, whenever i try to duplicate or extend or choose any option to see ANYTHING on the TV, nothing happens on the TV screen but just the PC one, I havn't really got any clue how to solve this, tried switching in the Graphics Card DVI connections aswell still nada.

I am using Radeon HD 4870 512mb if its of any concern, any help would be very appreciated!!

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  1. Are you sure that the TV is using the HDMI input as it's source? Could it be using the Cable or ANT as input?
  2. Im not sure how to answer your question, can you tell me how to check that ?
  3. To check, play a dvd. Is the sound on the TV the correct sound or is the tv simply switching to another sourse as it it not detecting video from the hdmi that is connected to your computer. Not likely as if it switched inputs and you have sound most likely you would also have picture from that source.

    If the Hdmi cable you bought is a low end hdmi cable, it is possible that it is bad.
    Worst possibility is that the ould cable damaged an output circuit on GPU.
  4. I tried both slots, but i dont get anything when i try the TV, no signal whatsoever, no sound OR picture, its like the TV doesnt recognize the PC however the PC does decet that the TV is properly connected, it is supposed to work, it just doesnt.
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