Good but not expensive gaming mouse (uk)

hi all. I am looking for a decent mouse for gaming (not a hardcore gamer, but not casual either e.g: mass effect, cod mw2).
which type of connection is better PS/2, USB, wireless,...

here are a few I am considering (budget: not more than £20):

Gigabyte M6800 Gaming Mouse:

Gigabyte M6900:

CM Storm Xornet:

so any recommendations/advice?

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  1. You won't find many wireless gaming mice or keyboards. That is because of lag introduced in the wireless communications. Stick with wired mice and keyboards for gaming.
  2. thanks. yeah I thought as much. so which one would u recommend?
  3. It's so individual that I hesitate to recommend one. What looks good to me might not fit your hand well.
  4. has any1 had any experience with the mice I listed? care to share ur thoughts?

    can any1 recommend a decent gaming mouse yet not expensive?

  5. also laser vs optical vs bluetrack?, I cant find a good article/review on this issue, can some one point me in the right direction?
  6. The gigabyte mouse looks like it would be more comfortable.
  7. thank you.
    do u think I should go for the laser version of it (M6980) or is the optical one ok?
  8. I have the Gigabyte M6800, and have had it for a little over 2 years and haven't had any problems with it. Works just fine, I would highly recommend it for a budget gaming mouse. Its a pretty basic mouse, but it does feel comfortable and has very good dpi between the two settings. If I had any complaints about it, it would be that is a little on the light side. I would maybe preferred a little more weight to it, but definitely not a glaring defect. I also really like the finish on the mouse, as I am a heavy computer user and tend to "wear" out mice fairly quickly. I have a WoW steelseries mouse that I cannot even stand to have on my desk because the finish on it wore out so badly after a few months, the thing just looks horrible now.

    Over all, I would say for the price, it would be hard to beat the M6800.
  9. I'm sure the 6900 version, optical, is just fine.
  10. currently the best mouse in the 25 pound price range. i know its slightly more but the g400 is completely worth it... in its price bracket it punishes its competition on the whole and punches way above its weight for its price...
    yes thats 5 pounds more but its worth it. every extra penny.
  11. first, thank you all.

    before Hexit's post, I was gonna go for the M6900 (which is £16 at ebuyer), and I think I am going to stick with it, as I personally prefer its shape and users gave it good reviews.

    so Hexit, the g400 (£24.5 at ebuyer) costs about £8 more, what exactly does it offer that the M6900 doesnt? how does it "punishes its competition"?

    anyhow, as I said I think I am going to get the M6900 and will post feedback once I recieve it so that others amy find this thread useful.

    thanks all.
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