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I just ordered a new PC and I want to know if I should get windows 7 home premium, professional, or ultimate. I bought it for gaming and the basic specs are: AMD fx 8129 8-core, ATI radeon HD 8670, and 8 gigs of ram, and an internal WIFI card because I'll be running it off wifi. I'd like to get the cheap home premium version, but I've heard that to use wifi on a desktop and to use more than 4 gigs of ram you need professional, is that true? Thanks for the help
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  1. To use more than 4GB of RAM you need the 64bit version of windows. Other than that home premium will do everything you need.

    So get Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit :)
  2. I would get the professional version of 64 bit as you will have some added features and better performance capabilities.
  3. Unless you need the extra features of professional, I would get Home Premium. No, you don't need professional to use more than 4GB of RAM. What you need is a 64 bit operating system. Home premium comes in both 32 bit and 64 bit. By all means get the 64 bit version.
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