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On 03-30-2010 at 5:06pm in the Computer Peripherals:Flat Panels/LCDs Forum, I posted the message "Samsung 2494HS Monitor Resolution Problem" and got the message "Flooding atempt detected". Somewhere else in the Tom's Hardware Forums, it suggested (to someone else who got the "Flooding" message) that you wait a few minutes and repost the message. Accordingly, at 5:13pm I again posted the message. Now the message has appeared three times (perhaps I inadvertently clicked twice for the second posting attempt).

Is there a way I can remove the two postings of 5:13pm and keep the 5:06pm posting? There have been no solutions posted (as of now) to any of the postings. (On some forums you can remove a posting you've made if nobody has replied to it.)

Clynt in Sydney, Australia
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  1. Click on "edit this reply" (Not quick edit).

    Below the box where your text is typed, there should be a check box for "delete this reply".

    Check it.

    This was the process for deleting a reply, hopefully a new post works similarly.

    If it doesn't help you could PM a mod or report the extra posts so they can delete them for you.
  2. Hey,

    If you post the URL of the posting you want removed, I'd be happy to remove it for you.

  3. The duplicates have been removed. Typically users will report any duplicates and our mod team is pretty good at pruning them. Next time, feel free to report your own post using the report feature. :)
  4. Thanks fellas,

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