Mini itx motherboard for undervolting?

I am building a new mini itx build, and i want a motherboard that can undervolt the cpu. specifically to undervolt a core i3. or i5. gigabyte's z77 doesn't allow undervolting....does anyone know of a board that allows this?
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  1. No, but undervolting in manual mode usually disables the energy saving software that both amd and Intel use. It's actually just as efficient to let the cpus use the software, which automatically lowers the voltage and speed at idle, and increases it as needed.
  2. while it is nice to have it idle low, id rather have full load voltage be lower. on my freinds full atx board, we were able to get a core i5 running on 50 watts. while at 3.8 ghz. my i5 only runs at 3.4, so i was hoping to push its power usage even lower.
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