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My audio does not seem to want to work

Hey community,

I recently built a computer out of spare parts and treated myself to a new case (I used my old one in the spare parts comupter). Everything runs fine in both computers, they boot into Windows and such. Fully functional besides this little thing in my main rig.

For some reason, the audio just does not want to work. It does not pick up any audio that I might have plugged in (my speakers). There are only 5 options for sound and the AMD HDMI output. None of them work.

Any insight will be very helpful

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  1. update the latest driver for audio chipset
  2. I tried that, and the installer stated that (there was no HD audio device detected" or something like that.
  3. what is the audio chipset and does it is onboard or from graphic card
  4. It is the onboard audio. I attempted to install the drivers for it and it says that "we can't find the HD audio device." or something like that. The audio works on HDMI for both my 6950 and my 460 (tried them both) but not for the rear 3.5mm jack.
  5. what is the name and model of motherboard ,give also the name of audio chipset realteck or via
  6. I have an ASUS M4A785-M with a VIA chipset.
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    whe got the same chipset from asus load the next driver from via
  8. I decided to get a new PCI soundcard, since I really did not want to work to get it to work, and I had a $40 gift card to BestBuy (I know to never get my parts from there, but whatever) and I ended up with a Creative SB Audigy SE. Thanks for the help guys.
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