Integrated Mobo Realtek Sound Stopped Functioning

Hello, my integrated sound card stopped functioning for my Sapphire p67 Pure Black motherboard. I scavenged the internet for two days and my computer is custom built by myself, only one week old. (Bought all the parts from ncix, no RMA also)
All I need from my sound card is a working headphone+monitor speaker+microphone jack but none of anything works from the audio jacks.

I spent roughly ten hours scrounging the internet and my conclusion has been drawn.

How it happened (I believe)
-Installed ATI Radeon Graphics card, sound immediately stopped working on the boot after.
-Did some research and there was a possible IRC conflict with what device managed the sound, since the graphics card had a integrated sound card too for hdmi. Tried to follow the procedures on the AMD website for this issue, to no avail.
(LINK = )
-Uninstalled all graphics card software,put back old graphics card and software but sound did not work.
-Formatted hard drive, installed windows same windows seven and all the proper drivers for realtek, nvidia etc.
-Sound still does not work.
-When I plug my headphones into the front pannel a high pitched, low volume noise is produced constantly.

My current plans
-Contacted Sapphire and create a support ticket about this issue, perhaps to replace the motherboard, no reply yet.
-Contacted Ncix and created a support ticked aswell, no reply yet.

What I believe happened
-I damaged the realtek audio chip on the motherboard. (hardware issue)
-I did not damage the realtek audio chip on the motherboard. (software issue)

Best case solution
-I can get the motherboard replaced
-Someone can share insight on this problem and help solve this problem

Ultimate solution
-Purchase sound card, was thinking of this one, very cheap and fits my purpose.
"ASUS Xonar DG 5.1 Channel PCI Sound Card 24BIT Dolby Digital DTS 105DB SNR W/ Headphone AMP"

Also note,
Sound does appear to be playing (green bar oscillates when playing audio ) on the os side, but the audio is not transmitted to the front and rear i/o jacks (Microphone audio transmition does not oscillate though).

Any suggestion and insight on this problem will be HIGHLY appreciated. This is my first computer build and I have made some mistakes already, but have learned from them. I am stuck on this problem though.
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  1. Unless it is a hardware fault, which would be rare, it could be that Windows set the HDMI audio on the ATI GPU as the default audio output, so check the audio settings.
  2. Within windows the only playback devices listed are my speakers, and two digital devices I never touched.

    Also my Azalia HD audio in my bios is set to enabled.

    Added some pictures-
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