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I'm looking to setup an IP Camera for use inside. I'd like it to have some level of night time capabilities but at some point price is more important than stellar performance. I'm also interested in software to operate the camera. I would like the software to support secure access via an internet browser (e.g., don't like the solutions that broadcast the username and password in the URL query string). I've been having a hard time finding a good source of information on the internet.

Can anybody make any recommendations for hardware and/or software? Or - where I can read up to learn more about my options, or are there good forums for this topic out there somewhere?

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  1. Google. Type in IP camera reviews in the little search box :-)
    You can probably also do a search on tech sites such as tom's for any reviews done on them.



  2. I'd already done that and been through a large number of "IP camera" topics in these forums. Many are unanswered questions or too old to be of much use. I've also spent a decent amount of time at networkcamerareviews. Their last article was written in Feb 2007, and a lot of (all?) recent cameras are missing from their comparison tool. At your suggestion though I gave it another chance and discovered their forums had some helpful information.

    Thanks for the link to the ip70 review. Reading it sparked a reminder that I'd previously come across an review of the IP540 PTZ (also by Compro) on AT. Do you have any thoughts on the pros and cons when comparing the IP70 to the IP540?

    The other thing I don't understand - a lot of people express concern about an IP camera streaming unprotected feeds of someone's house over the internet. Password protected access doesn't seem to cut it for them. Is the alternative to use https? Or something else...? Is this hardware or software based? What ip cameras or software programs allow this level of security?
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