How much to sell?

I have decided to buy a new gaming PC as my current one just can't keep up with the latest games. Everything is sorted and I want to sell the parts that will be replaced. I have a price for everything except the motherboard. It is a Msi P55-CD53 that I bought just over 4 years ago. Can anyone tell me a price for this?
I want to sell everything on Ebay where I already see some good prices for everything else I am selling, but if anyone can suggest a better site to sell the parts it would be much appreciated.

Also I live in Ireland if it makes a difference.
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  1. Ebay's a pain in the ass... they take 9% and paypal takes 3%...

    i think local trades/sell it as a whole computer might be better...
  2. yeah put it on craigslist and meet at a neutral location if possible
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