How to get 1080i out of 1080p

Hi all, I have a ASUS M4A785-M mobo which uses the onboard ATI Radeon HD 4200 video
and it has an output of 1080p.

The TV I have goes upto 1080i

I believe the signal coming out of the PC is only at 720p,,, but how do I make the signal 1080i so that there is a better resolution on the TV screen?

Thank you.
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  1. Check within Catalyst Control Center and see if 1080i is one of the listed resolutions.

    -Wolf sends
  2. yes it is in there and you can select it, but nothing happens. I change it from 480 to 720p to 1080i and they all look the same so i'm not sure what the issue is.
  3. Quote:
    The TV I have goes upto 1080i

    Is this the native resolution for the TV? If not, that is likely the problem.

    -Wolf sends
  4. What is the TV model and how are you connecting to it?
  5. it's a Samsung PN51D450 they advertise it as 720p but it's also 1080i
    I'm connecting using HDMI
  6. Your native resolution is 1365 x 768, try that and see if it looks any better.
  7. Also you are supposed to be using HDMI 1 (the bottom one).
  8. correct, i have it in HDMI1, I originally tried it in 2 but it had no display at all.

    The wife is on the PC right now, I will test the display shortly and report back.
  9. ok, the standard resolution it already is, is 1360x768, the next one up is 1366x768... any above that do not cover the screen.

    I figured for videos and such, 720p will work fine, but for desktop and websites there was a way to go 1080i and the windows would be nice and small so I could look at 3-4 windows at a time.

    Is this not possible without a 1080p TV? Or is this a video card issue?
  10. It is not possible with your particular TV because it's HDMI input only supports certain VESA standard inputs, and 1080p is not one of them. Your TV supports a 1080i input signal but downconverts it to the resolution of your screen, so text would be unreadable and everything would look fuzzy at 1080p on your screen.
  11. damn. Ok, I have another question then... why do some people buy 2 or 3 small monitors and put them side by side using the Extended Desktops rather then buy one larger 1080p screen?
  12. for bragging rights, & for them to try the eye-finity feature.
  13. Bragging rights, sure, but also real estate. If you have a tendency to work with multiple documents/images/remote desktops at the same time, it's far easier to have them displayed side by side as opposed to switching back and forth.

    -Wolf sends
  14. you hit the right spot wolfshadow.=D lol
    benefits of having 2 or more monitors is just awesome. but for a rich fat@ss kid, its only for bragging rights.=D
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