No signal monitor ! After changing thermal paste !

Hi everyone !!

What i did it was clean old paste from my noctua and processor switch back on and ... all fans turns on everything seams to be fine but no signal monitor, no smell nothing. I reset CMOS reset gfx card unplug plug everything again try with diffrent ram slots no beeps aswell.. That build is running for 2 years now just upgraded gfx card and everything was running great till i decide to change paste...

Asus p6t
i7 920@4ghz
geforce MSI 580GTXtwin frz 3
Kingstone 3x2gb hyperX 1600mhz

Im really out of ideas... Hope its not gfx card 400 pounds :OO
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  1. Aww :( like a lot of fellow members here would say " Don't try to fix it, if, it ain't broken"

    Just reseat the processor once again. Check if any wires got loose during the cleaning up. Make sure the power cables are all plugged in.
  2. Lol i had the same problem this morning. I installed a new fan and did some dust cleaning.
    Then after whene i turned on the pc, it didnt find the DVI signal. Only restarted the pc a few times cuse i had to go. But gonna test more whene i get home later today.
  3. there was one like this a few weeks ago, not sure what happened, OP was going to test GPU elsewhere.

    was it powered down and unplugged when you did it
    have you tried a bios reset
    is the cpu fan plugged in, is it in the right way round (really difficult not to).
  4. Yeah i checked over and everything was ok as far as i could tell. CPU fan worked properly. But I havent tried reseting yet. I will whene i get back home.
  5. I got the answear xD atleast to my problem.
    I also unhooked the 4 pin pwr cabel to my motherboard. Never taken it off before so i forgot to plug it back in. You sure you havent forgotten yours to? An easy cabel to forget.
  6. I been out yesterday. I will check everything again later. Thinking about taking to any repairs centers what ever just to check with other cpus gpus unfortunately i dont have any spares.
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