Power Button Blinks on and off until I shut my computer down.

Recently got a new PSU and Graphics Card (Radeon 7770 Ghost). Set up everything perfectly, and my monitor would not display anything (no signal), and my computer power button blinks on and off, neverending. I took out the new psu and graphics card, and put in my old ones. The problem persists (Computer power button blink, no signal on my monitors).
The cpu fan turns from a red color to blue after 10 seconds or so, and it keeps blinking.

Is this a problem with my motherboard?

I even disconnected everything from my motherboard except for my psu, but it still blinks on and off.
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  1. Hi, Try taking the board outside the case and test it there with a minimum configuration.
  2. didn't help.
    I got it to turn on, but it turns off instantly. The graphics card or the built in graphics on the Motherboard do not recognize my monitors.
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