What effect will an Intel Graphics Card 3000 will have on my laptop?

i'm thinking 2 buy a laptop wid config as follows :
dell inspiron 14R
4gb RAM
640GB HD
i5 processor

it is providing me intel HD graphics card 3000. i'm not such a gaming freak. i'm having a question dat the Graphics card wil eat up how much of my RAM memory?? wil it make any difference in d system performance & speed??
Or should I spent little more & prefer to buy d one with 1gb graphics card??

please reply
ur reply will be valuable 4 me.

thanx... :)
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  1. What will you be doing with the laptop ?
  2. i'm an engineering student. i 'l be using laptop mainly for my projects, studies, internet, mails, songs, movies.

    & a little bit of games. dats it.
  3. The Intel 3000 is an intergrated chip on the processor an therefore will be there even if you get the graphics card. Buying the seperate card gives you the option to use both so when you come to a game that requires more power you can switch to the other card. You also would be going with the laptop with the next size screen , 15R. The seperate card by having its own ram will be leaving the system ram alone and the intergrated video will be using whatever it needs from the system ram.
  4. Another option would be to get the 6gb of ram ;
    seperate card $75
    6gb ram $60, but you have to get Windows 64 bit
    Dell also for a limited time offers a $50 coupon for the 15R that give you the choices between the ram and the video card.
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