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Recovering a Deleted Partition In Windows 7 (HELP!)


I accidentally deleted a partition in Windows 7(dynamic disk) using the disk management tools. That partitions is full of works and photos from the last 2 years. Are there any way I can recover the data?

The space left by the deleted partition are still un-allocated at the moment. Do I need to create the partition prior to data recovery?

I am using Active Partition recovery to scan at the moment. No result yet.

Thank you very much
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  1. Do not create a new partition - doing so will quick format the space.

    Beyond that, you'll have to try different utilities to recover the data or try calling a local repair shop.
  2. Best answer try this software
  3. Thanks! Trying EASEUS data recovery wizard. Will takes 7 hrs or so to scan the entire disk. EASEUS partition recovery software won't work for Dynamic disk. Any other option for partition recovery?
  4. this should 100% work. I deleted my d partition(unneccery) and try this software. Works great.
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