No Post/No beep/No Display

This was a system I have used for 4 yrs, and about 3 months ago, I built a new system and yanked the 1000w PSU out of this comp.

Long story short, my cousins in 6th grade want the old system so they fronted me cash to buy a new PSU, cooler master 750w and everything turns on, opticals, hard drives, fans, etc....but I can't get display or beeps to notify me there is an issue. Right away I'd jump to the PSU since I replaced it and the system was fully functioning before, but the MOBO lights are on, ethernet lights work, and USB do not. I find that odd...

My first suspicion is the PSU has a bad 24 pin connector and 12v connector, no CPU power, no post, therefore no display....

My 2nd suspicion is that my removing the previous PSU, or attaching the new one, I shorted the motherboard, since I get power to all the peripherals, just not USB...heatsink and cpu fans spin, graphics card is on, cd tray opens...this just seems odd that the ethernet lights would work and the USBs won't...

Just looking for some opinions since I can't replace the PSU til fri cause of turkey day and I don't have a multimeter to test looking for ideas.

Asus striker II formula
Intel Core 2 Duo 3.4ghz
4gb DDR2 Corsair Dominator 1066
Trying to use coolermaster 750w

I also tried removing the ram, CMOS battery, and no luck. Still have it narrowed to bad PSU or bad board. waiting for replies.
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  1. bump....could really use some help
  2. If you're just getting spinning fans, it sounds like you're missing the 4/8 pin CPU power to the motherboard.

    If not, then you may want to test with another PSU to verify that it's not a PSU DOA problem.
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