Can't figure out what this graphics card is.

I recently dug up my computer's old graphics card and I haven't been able to figure out what type/model it is or what drivers it needs to run. I believe it's an ATI but the only info on the card is the S/N: PG0901000252. I'd appreciate any help in finding out what kind of card it is and what drivers i'd need to run it.
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  1. Probably an oem card. With what pc did it come ?
  2. came with a pre built ibuypower comp a few years back.
  3. Download gpu-z and see if it can id the card?
  4. take a picture of it (both sides) and post it.

    and yes GPU-Z is also a good idea (will require you have drivers installed for it tho)
  5. Definately an OEM card try belarc if gpu-z doesnt work. But I had an OEM mobo and it just told me the manufacturer nothing else. I think Belarc might dl drivers for you as well if needed. But don't quote me on that.
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