Need help with a Motherboard/memory for a PC.

I am building a new computer, and I need some help. I am not sure about what motherboard to get and which pin is right for memory.
Besides the motherboard, I have :

Power supply -

Processor -17 2600k

Case- (probably a cooler master or antec)

Memory - (was thinking)

Graphics card-

Hard Drive-

CD/DVD drive -

Sound card-

Operating System-

(Heatsink also if not included with the processor)

With all these parts I am not sure which motherboard and memory pin type for the motherboard would work. Any help would be good. thank you.
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  1. Your xfx power supply should work fine. I use ripjawsX and it works great. Lots of good z77 boards; you don't have to spend too much. or this one:
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