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Haf 932 full tower chassis - chassis fans

hello, so the 932 features four included chassis fans, one in the front (230x30mm) , one in the side (230x30mm) , one in the top (230x30mm) , and a smaller one in the back (140x25mm) , when i was setting up these fans for the first time i connected all of them (except for the cpu fan and mobo assist fan) to the power supply, now i want to go back and connect them to the motherboard fan headers BUT i dont know which is chassis fan 1, which is 2, and so on. iv checked the manual and it doesnt specify. i have 2 spare fan headers on my motherboard so which two fans should be placed in which fan header? last but not least the power supply i bought doesnt have a seperate cable for attaching its fan to the pwr_fan connector on my motherboard so what could or should i use this for. any help greatly appreciated.
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  1. Firstly, you do not plug the power supply into the motherboard,
    you can use the pwr_fan socket for a casefan, as well as the cha_fan sockets
    and unless your fans have four wires (pwm fans have an extra wire)
    you can use any of them in any socket,
    the only one to mind is the Cpu fan, that should always be plugged into the Cpu socket, this tells you what speed that fans running at
  2. thank you for the fast reply, so theres no way of knowing how fast the power supplys fan is running then? ok so its just ease of access as to which fan from the chassis is connected to which fan header? as you can tell, im a novice so please forgive me.
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    No problem, I just didn't want you plugging the psu into the mobo (apart from the 20+4 pin and 4/8pin Cpu lines ofc)
    some older mobo's had sockets for a molex to plug into, but not as a rule anymore

    some Psu's do have a cable to plug into the Mobo to monitor its fan speed but most don't, and yes, its mostly a case of where you can plug it in tidily (and reach ofc :P)
    no problem with the novice part, we all start somewhere :)
    *Edit, have you gone through the how to build guide? sections three and four should help you :)
  4. yes thank you i have, the fans are working now, but i cant seem to change their speed in the bios...they stay at the same speed regardless of what i set them to.
  5. I wouldn't worry about that tbh, it may be that your fans don't have pwm capabilies
    you could attach them to a fancontroller unit if you wish to alter the speeds but thats up to you
  6. i would worry considering the temperatures im getting
  7. Whats your ambient, idle and load temps?
    Also the rest of your set up
  8. The ambient temp is about 23 degrees (room temp), idle temp of cpu is between 65 and 70 degrees C, I have not got a load temp as I am reading these readings from the Bios I have not yet installed the os.
    thanks once again
  9. The "idle" temp in BIOS is biased. The CPU is not throttled in BIOS in idle, like it is in windows, hence higher temps. Almost like load temps. Depending on your CPU, 65-70° can be normal.

    Even though I'd think about checking the thermal paste's thickness on the cpu and maybe getting a better CPU heatsink altogether.
  10. What cooler are you using? if that reading is correct, its worrytime, I would look to reseating the heatsink and ensuring you have the correct amount of thermal paste on it
    depending on your Cpu, thats deathrange for an idle, please don't try using it until we have this sorted
    **edit, bios temperature is most often the most accurate, I reiterate my previous warning**
  11. It is very likely accurate, but without knowing details on the hardware used, one can't say anything for certain. Even though, I already stated and agree that the temp seems high no matter what hardware. :)
  12. im using the stock cooler that came with the intel 2700k, it is fitted correctly and the past is on as it should be and in the correct amount, is 2000 rpm for the cpu fan normal? my assist fan is at 5000 hence my mobo runs at 24 degrees C
  13. chassis: coolermaster 932 haf full tower
    motherboard: sabertooth p67 b3 tuf edition
    gpu: msi gtx 580 lxe
    ram: corsair vengence 4 x 4 GB
    cpu: intel i7 2700k
  14. Check your Cpu's voltage in bios, make sure its not being set excessively by 'auto' setting, and try to find the Cool and quiet/speedstep throttling setting, make sure thats on as well
  15. The i7 2700k is supposed to deal with up to 72°, iirc. Then again, you should really consider getting a replacement for the stock cooler.

    Besides having a fan controller for case fans is really good. Especially if you have quite a few fans. ;)
  16. a replacement is on the way as i type, i decided to go with the Corsair Hydro H100 CPU Liquid Cooler, this is mostly a matter of principle for me, i SHOULD be able to set these fans to 100% but it just doesnt seem to apply the setting no matter what i try
  17. the voltages look ok but i cant find where the Cool and quiet/speedstep throttling settings are
  18. What tells you that they are not already at 100%? Does your BIOS show you the speed of fans attached to the motherboard? If there is an option to regulate the speed, have you tried to use very low/max settings and see if the fan speed changes?

    If anything fails you can always attach the fans directly to the PSU via 4pin to 3pin connectors, which normally come with new fans or are available separately.
  19. well whatever about the cpu fan and the assist fan, i KNOW that the chassis fans arent doing what i tell them, the instruction manual included with the chassis says they should be able to go up to 1800 rpm but they remain at <700, on the bios there are different settings for which fan speed you prefer, e.g. silent / standard / turbo, and manual, despite which one i try they always remain below <700 rpm, i have contacted ASUS and explained the situation to them, hopefully i can get this sorted since its driving me mad... thanks for the continued help from you guys.
  20. silent / standard / turbo aren't really good specifications for speed anyway. That might translate into 40%, 70% and 100% but that's just speculation.

    Anyway, since that doesn't help and a fan controller seems to be no option, I wish you luck with ASUS's support. :)
  21. well if this continues i will invest in a fan controller, just seems a wast considering the bios should be able to do this allready
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  23. Thank you for best answer, glad to help
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