Asrock Extreme4 vs Asus P8Z77 LK

Pretty interested in both of these motherboards for my i5 3570k. And there is a good deal at microcenter for $40 off.

The asrock one turns out to be $95 after promo while the asus one turns out to be $80 after promo + rebate. Which one do you think is more worth it for the money? I'm only planning on overclocking for the fun of it. I'm not really an enthusiast or anything like that. Also I will not be cross firing/sli.
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  1. Then save a few bucks and get the Asus. Both are good companies and they produce quality products.

    Good luck!
  2. I like the extreme4, but I'm an asrock fan... both r really good, go with the one that saves the most scratch
  3. So Asus is good? I really just want the best bang for the buck.
  4. Both are good mobos from good brands. You can't go wrong with either. For what you described, saving a few bucks seems to make sense. Really up to you.
  5. for the record i have the extreme4 and love it. It'll handle more than what your gonna throw at it. Still, both boards are more than capable in your situation.
  6. Asus since it's cheaper it's a solid board
  7. What exactly will I be missing I don't get the extreme 4? Anything noticeable? Something not worth the extra $15?
  8. You won't be missing anything the boards are on par with one another.
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