Windows Driver for LG L226WTQ montior?

I have a Toshiba M200 tablet computer running Windows XP. Its display adapter is described as "NVidia GeForce FX GoS200."

I have to use this computer for a few days with my new employer's LG L226WTQ-BF monitor. The monitor's resolution is 1680x1050. The computer's display applet doesn't offer that resolution, and for the secondary display, doesn't offer any resolutions at all that are 1050 pixels high. I have set the resolution to 1600x1024 pixels, which produces poor text quality.

I want Windows to support the monitor's native resolution. I understand that display hardware supports a limited number of resolutions, so I don't have complete freedom in this respect. However, the Display applet does support a 1400x1050 resolution on the built-in display, and not on the secondary display, so the problem appears to be at least partly in software. Either that or the computer's hardware supports different resolutions on different displays, which seems implausible.

I hoped I could fix this by downloading a driver from LG's web site, but the problem complicated itself when I tried.

I can't find a driver for the L226WTQ. Instead LG's web site offers me a "Driver Detective" application, which promises to scan my whole system and tell me which drivers are out of date, then update any ones of my choice.

Yeah, right. The thing doesn't even identify the LG monitor, and assures me that the existing generic driver is just fine.

I've found links on the web which claim to give me access to the updated driver, but they all involve third-party software that I'm not familiar with, and so have no reason to trust.

If you've encountered this problem, how did you solve it?
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  1. This is the only place I could find the driver online:

    But, before you do that, try this:

    Right click your desktop, and click on "Nvidia Control Panel". Then click on "Change Resolution" under "Display". You should see the monitor as one the displays listed. Click on it. Under the list of resolutions click on "Customize". Now click "Create Custom Resolution", and type in the resolution you want. Now click "Test". You should now be able to select that resolution from "Change Resolution"
  2. Hey did it work man?
  3. I didn't have time to try it because the new arrived the next day.

    I checked my tablet and found that it does have an Nvidia control panel. That's new to me -- I never realized it was there. If the situation comes up again, I'll know what to do.
  4. I tried Ben95's Nvidia option with instant success. This was the only way to tweak the monitor settings for me; the standard ControlPanel settings didn't offer as high a resolution as I wanted, and LG doesn't offer drivers for OSs > XP and Vista.

    Thanks Ben!
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