Gigabyte Z77-DS3H doesn't fit my case!

Hello all, I got a Z77 DS3H and I tried to install the Backplate for a Hyper 212 evo and I noticed that the bottom two holes for the fan screws on the motherboard are covered by my case (HAF 922). I tried to take out the motherboard, put the backplate on, and put it back in my PC, but the backplate hits the back of my case and it bends it and my MB. I think that that means I need a new motherboard that aligns the hole on the back of my case with the screw holes. In other words, The CPU fan replacement cutout on the back of my case doesn't line up with the back of my CPU. Will it fix the problem if I buy an ASrock Extreme4 MB? :sweat: :sweat:
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  1. And you are using standoffs for your board? I have one in a case with no hole in the board tray.
  2. +1 to rolli59 question watch this to understand how to install motherboard correctly Here's a link to install the cpu cooler.
  3. I definitely put all the standoffs on. A couple of people on amazon said that they had the same problem. Should I just get a fan with no backplate?
  4. ASrock Extreme4 MB will not fix the problem your having and it not a better board anyway so would be a waste of money.
  5. So would the cutout on the nzxt phantom or corsair 600t line up with the backplate?
  6. I got the corsair 600t, Hopefully it will fit!!
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