System Freezes.. Help me determine the problem

OK, I am mad, I am very mad at my computer. Ever since I paid 1100 bucks to upgrade it several months ago, I have had nothing but problems with it. I fixed most of them through the BIOS settings, however I think there is a bad apple in my bunch of parts. My system is like this:
KT7 Raid mobo
generic 256 meg CL 2 PC 133 ram
generic 8 gig harddrive(2.5 years old)
Hercules GE Force 2 MX AGP
Athlon 1.1 ghz processor

Ok, I am at my wits end. I have tried everything. Ok, let me explain my problem in full. I often run computer programs on internet chess servers. I run catcher_in_the_rye on Anyhow, chess engines occupy a lot of ram and are constantly accessing the ram to look at hash tables for moves. Hash tables occupy 128 megs of ram at all times and even more when searching extensions on moves. Often at the height of searching for a move it will just freeze on me. No warning or anything, it just freeses out of nowhere. But, under heavy load isnt the only time it will freeze on me. Often when I first turn the computer on, I will go to the start menu to gte to some programs and while selecting a program from the drop down menu it will even freeze then. The freezes are so random that it makes it harder than heck to find a solution.
Also, I dont think processor heat is an issue as my processor tops out at about 50 degrees under full load and rests at about 28-30 when idle. Does anybody know what the problem could be? Oh yeah, I am running windows 98 SE
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  1. I don't know what you have done so far but here is a quick checklist.

    1. Are you running the latest VIA 4-in-1 drivers?

    2. Are you using an Athlon approved power supply or alternately a good 300w power supply?

    3. I have read many posts that claim it is important to use good quality memory and to avoid generic memory because the source and quality of manufacture is unknown. (I'm not quite convinced of this but memory is something to consider). Everyone seems to recommend Crucial or Mushkin. (256 mb or PC133, CAS2 SDRAM is only $61 now with free shipping in the U.S.)

    4. What Geforce drivers are you using? If in doubt use the nVidia Reference drivers ver. 6.31.

    If these don't address the problem try Paul's Unofficial KT7 FAQ, Look in the Instability section.
  2. Sounds similar to a problem I have. Intermittent lockup, any point from boot up onwards. Normally I can run happily for days, so I don't figure it's OS related issue.

    I run 1Gb of SECC-2 PC133 Ram, Tbird Socket A 800, Asus A7v mboard, PCI128 and a bunch of IDE devices.

    I can't figure out what it is either.....

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  3. Yeah, I've just finished building my system and seem to be having the same problem. I haven't had a chance to really test it thoroughly yet cos I've only just built it, but it mainly seems to happen when I'm installing things. I'm running a 7200rpm Maxtor hard disk so I'm wondering wether it's over heating. Or it could be a generic memory problem (but I've never had a problem with that before, in fact my last system was running PC100 memory at 112Mhz FSB, maybe I just got lucky). I thought memory problems usually caused exception erros long before before random lock-ups.

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  4. I just checked the Asus site and one guy there posted saying he had these sorts of problems too and said that he fixed it by dropping his FSB to 95MHz, but I think I'm going to try some other things before that (I was actually thinking of increasing the FSB!). Suppose you could try dropping the memory to 100mhz.
  5. I fixed my problems.. I figured out that it was poor voltage to the processor. I bumped up the core voltage and the processor voltage by one bump and now I am flying. I have run everything from chess programs and 3D games at the same time even and no freeze ups. I think that really did the trick
  6. I have read that Athlons are very picky about their memory
    but, i think it is your memory or Videocard...
    There are programs that check the memory i think it is named
    memchk25 or something it uses a floppy and boots from it and not using any HD to test the memory. try it .

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