Hardware performance question :)

Hey everyone, quick question.

For my build, I'm torn between getting the i7 2600k with the LGA 1155 with the P67 mobo in which case I'll have to run my SLI GTX 460's in x8 mode...or should I get the i7-950 Bloomfield with the LGA 1366 with the x58 in which case I could run my 460s at their full x16 potential.

Please keep in mind that the system is primarily for gaming so the performance I'm looking for is intended for max frame-rate, AA, and resolution in gaming. Also..I don't really care too much about which of the two is better for overclocking..because with my liquid cooling system, both chips can comfortably overclocked to what I consider the industry standard of 4.0 GHz.
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    P67 would be a much better choice over the X58 chipset.

    8x vs 16x doesn't have a noticeable effect on the FPS in-game.
  2. Third option, Z68 :D

    But yeah, go with Sandy.
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