Two AUX Audio devices, but only one "Line In"

Ok so I cant seem to find anything by googling, but heres the situation Im in.

I have my PC set up alongside my Xbox and Ps3. I have all 3 connected to my nice HD monitor. The Video is perfect, but Im having trouble getting the audio to work. Basically
I have the Yellow/Red/White RCA cable (from the game console) running into one of those 3.5mm Audio cables, which then plugs into my Line In. With one console by itself, it works perfect. But in order to have them both plugged in at the same time, I tried using one of those headphone jack splitters, thinking it would work the opposite way, by having two devices plugged in with the other end converging into just one audio 3.5mm jack. and it works, but Im only getting one side of the audio, so the PS3 is working thru my left channel audio, and my xbox is coming through my right channel audio. when I turn BOTH consoles on, THEN the audio comes thru both speakers like it should. I hope im explaining this easy enough, but its quite hard to explain.

So my question is, is there an easier way to do this!? basically having two AUX devices plugged into one Line In? Can I buy a PCI card that would give me a second audio in? Also, I have a sound card that isnt installed, that I know has a Line In, but the onboard sound and the sound card cant work side by side right? Or can they?

Thanks in Advance!!
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  1. my sound card and onboard do work together
    I can go into the sound panel option in control panel and switch between sound card line in and onboard line in/mic
    I would connect the one console to sound card and the other to onboard
    then go to control panel on start menu
    then go to hardware and sound (Win7)
    the under sound go to recording tab
    and then select which one you are using
    hope this helps :)
  2. Some speaker systems have multiple inputs that will simplify having all three plugged in at once. The Logitech Z906 system has 5 inputs but it does cost over $300. Nice sounds, though.
  3. I figured it out. All I did was plug one of the consoles into the line in, and then plugged the other into the Mic In. When the little window popped up asking me what I plugged in, I selected Line In. So It now tracks them both as Line In's. So it works perfectly!
  4. awesome I am glad it worked out :)
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