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Hello good people!

I have recently been looking for computer parts for my PC build in a month or two and i'd like to know a good motherboard for about $100 or a little less. I would like the board to have a pcie-3.0 slot for my GTX660. Also the motherboard would need to be a intel MOBO that has a Z77 North Bridge and LGA 1155 socket for the cpu. And for memory i would like 4 slot for a maximum capacity of 32gb and at least a speed of DDR3 1600. I don't care what brand and any feedback helps. And the MOBO needs to fit in this case -


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  1. I have the Z77-DS3H with a gtx 660 ti and it runs like a dream. It is about $110 on newegg and amazon. I got it for $60 at micro center because I bought my CPU with it. Oh yeah it doesn't support SLI though and you can't OC too much. Hope I helped!
  2. Hey Frozenpenguin good you send me a link to that MOBO. Thanks bro XD
  3. Hey any mobo from ASUS / GigaByte is really good.. You can go for it as ur requirement.

    See this
  4. Wow that ASUS is looking pretty slick man. That might possibly be my final choice unless someone can beat that. :D
  5. Hey there is one question i have. My GPU is a GTX 660 MSI Version. Do you think that will fit on that ASUS MOBO in the PCIE-3.0 slot? The card itself is 9.5 inches in length. And also will i be able to plug in the LED lights for that case i posted at the top of the thread? Thanks for the feedback as always!
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