Should i pick up this 6950 for 200 Australian?

I think thats a bargain, i can either get that, a 560ti or a 2gb 2950. It is a 1gb powercolour i am just concerned it is in the bargain bin. Is there anything wrong with these cards?
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  1. the gtx 560 ti is better and more overclocking friendly if you ask me ;)
    don't get the powercoulor 6950
  2. yeah the 560ti does attract me thats for sure, but i am upgrading from a 6870 so i want the card to be as powerful as possible
  3. the price is good

    umart shows them for $260-280
    msy's best price is $209 for a powercolor branded one.

    1G 6950 Powercolor 209 / HIS 232 / Gigabyte 258 / Asus 264
  4. there is nothing wrong with those cards. if your in Australia you really must look at this parts supplier they are normally the cheapest around.
  5. yeah i am from Australia. I have tried shopping at MSY before but had some issues with stock availability. Would you reccomend the HIS of the powercolour? I heard the powercolour 6950 uses the same board as the 6870 so i am a bit concerned about that. Also my gigabyte 6870 did not have voltage control so a little bit reserved when it comes to getting another gigabyte, unless it definitely had voltage control.
  6. im not sure which ones do and dont have the voltage control.

    i have been using sapphire ATI cards for as long as i can remember, beside having 2 year manf warranty they have always been a rock solid card.
  7. The 560 Ti 900 Mhz tops the 6970 at 1920 x 1200 so I don't see the 6950 being in the picture at all unless your resolution is 2560 x 1600.
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    the 6950 & 6970 both trump the 560 when in Crossfire / SLI

    so if SLI / Crossfire is an option down the track it may be something to think about,2660.html
  9. yea i want to xfire in the future. Definately seems that overall, the 6950 scales better than the 560ti, despite it being closely behind in a few, it lags behind greatly in several, even well bellow the 6870x2.

    yeah this has sold the 6950 to me. BTW i do not plan on unlocking as its hard to do these days.
  11. yeah as far as i know it was only the VERY early 6950's you could unlock anyway.
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