Athlon ii x4 651 and 641 vs Athlon ii x4 640?

Hi I've seen a similar question asked in this thread:

From the above thread I understand that the new Athlon ii's are just A8's with the IGP turned off and I understand from the above thread that a Phenom would be a better choice. However I can't get hold of a phenom at a similar price to the new Athlon ii's and I was wondering if they a decent choice at the available price.

Does anyone know how the new Athlon ii x4 651 will compare against the old Athlon ii X4 640? There are no benchmarks available as the new chips are only a couple of months old.

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  1. Llano(the name of the new A8 processors) is essentially an Athlon II with graphics added to it and shrunk down to 32nm with twice the L2 cache. I say this because the core in Llano is the same used in Athlon II/Phenom II. So the new Athlon II is basically a 32nm version of the old Athlon II. Performance is almost identical, but the 651 will slightly out perform the old 640. I don't have benchmarks of the 651, but below you can see a comparison of the Athlon II X4 620 and A8 3650, both of which are 2.6Ghz, it'll prove my point that the Athlon II X4 640 and Athlon II X4 651 both being 3.0Ghz are about identical.
  2. Hi loneninja,

    Thanks for the input it's the first truly useful answer I've been given on the matter!

    I know that AMD are pushing the idea of an APU and I was wondering if any of the performance shown in the A8 benchmarks comes from the integrated Radeon. Without the Radeon, ie the 651, would those benchmarks drop significantly? Ie, is the integrated Radeon really doing any of the heavy lifting or is it just there for graphics only?

    Thanks again.
  3. I might be wrong, but the built in Radeon should just be there for graphics only, or at least the few tasks that can utilize the GPU. For CPU related tasks performance should remain the same whether the GPU is enabled or disabled.
  4. Just realized that the disabled graphics core could lead to a potential problem.

    The FM1 motherboard I'm looking at has VGA out, but the specs for it say that it uses the IGP of the processor to deliver the graphics processing. I'm guessing that as the 651 has the graphics core disabled the motherboard will need a discreet graphics card.

    I'm building a budget development server so once installed I wont need a graphics card, but I assume this is not going to boot for the install without a discreet card.
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