Fx-4100 temps

got an fx-4100 the other week just wondering if idleing at 36C is normal? prime95 for 20 mins and it is sat at 59-62c seemed a little hot to me? Stock cooling aswell.
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  1. With stock cooling you have good temps.
  2. what cheapish cooler would be good for this cpu?
  3. Cooler Master Hyper 212+ You will be able to get great overclocks with it.
  4. I realize this is a bit old. But if youre still wondering, you shouldnt need a new cooler. I have a 4100 OC'd to 4.1Ghz with the stock cooler and I idle at 22c and peak at 53c after an hour or two of Prime. Id consider some case fans, or a new case if you don't have the option for more case fans...
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