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just purchased an Asus Essentio, Radeon 5750 graphics card. The issue i'm having is with the card installed it does not recognize and wont boot the monitor. If I remove the card from the case and connect to the integrated port its boots fine. Will not do anything if the card is in the pci slot, regardless of which port i'm connecting to. Any ideas?
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  1. Do you have a motherboard that requires you to go in to the BIOS and disable the integrated card?
  2. Theres 4 settings in the BIOS. I have tried 3 of the 4 to no avail. Asus support indicated i needed to download and install drivers for the Radeon card, which I'm presently doing.
  3. you can't even boot to windows, how will you install the drivers ?
    are you sure you have the 6 pin PCI Express supplied to the card ?
    what PSU do you have ?
  4. 6pin is connected. I've had the card in and out 20 times over the past few hours. I've tried every option in the bios. Resolved to believe it's a faulty card and will ship it back for replacement, just wish I did not have to be without the entire pc in the meantime.
  5. what is the model of PSU do you have ?
  6. Delta 300w which I plan on replacing.
  7. so i can say it's mainly a PSU problem from the first degree, you have unknown and probably a garbage PSU can't Supply the GPU and the system with the enough power
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