Old HDD/OS with new MOBO

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I an currently putting together a new build, cuz my old pos broke.
I dont have any of the disk and prolly dont have the serial number, is there anyway to get it from just having the old hdd, also the old hdd is removed so i cant boot from it on the old machine to get the serial numbers. Dont think i can just plug it into the new mobo and boot, is there anything i can do to avoid shelling out the cash for a new O/S.

mobo is asus p8z77 v pro
cpu pentium g630
radeon hd 7750
550 watt psu

btw this community is sick, like 90% of the questions ive put into google while researching my new build led me here and hooked it up awesome answers
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  1. You'll need a windows coa number to call microsoft; see if you saved it somewhere (look for the label). If you don't find it, check craigslist for unopened windows software.
  2. 1. If your old pos is a pre-built computer it probably had an oem license. It would not be transferable to a new rig.
    2. If you or someone built the old rig and used a retail license you may be able to get the old coa by putting the drive back in the old machine and running Belarc Advisor

    Otherwise, buy a new windows....
  3. ya it was retail so its prolly oem, thanks for all the info guys
  4. Upgrade mobo drivers!
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