Intel Motherboard Won't Save Changes


Just built my 1st gaming PC. Everything seems to be running smoothly except I don't know why the motherboard won't save the boot order and my CPU fan speed settings. I drag and dropped my SSD for it to boot first but seems every time I check it displays my mechanical harddrive booting first. Also I increased the CPU fan speed a bit in the BIOS and those saved changes obviously did not save.

It is an Intel DZ77RE-75k Extreme Series. I also updated it to the 60 or whatever version released in November.

Anyone have any tips or suggestions? Thanks much!
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  1. Another bit of information - my Local Disk (C:) is the SSD. Can anyone help??
  2. Dead CMOS.
  3. Flawed MOBO or just need new battery?
  4. so I shut down and turned on and its saving the SSD boot order but it didn't remember my fan speed setting. I set it using the slide bar to Cool but I noticed there is also a numerical setting under Advanced where you can set it from 250 to 32000 RPM. Right now its at 250...
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