Boot to PCIe Sata card?

i am considering purchasing a sata 3 SSD, but my board does not have onboard sata3. Yes I know it would run on sata2, but I would like to utilize sata3. My question is, if I were to use a PCIe sata3 expansion card, could I boot to it?

Type of card in question

win7 64bit
Intel Extreme DP55KG
i5 750 quad

any help is appreciated :)
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  1. im pretty sure the Z68 platform is the only thing that can utilize SATA III, and i dont think there is any Z68 mobo's for 1st gen i5's
  2. Hi :)

    You need to look in your bios as it would HAVE to have an option to boot from the card..

    All the best Brett :)
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    not true that only z68 supports sata 6gbs

    newer model x58 boards had it and p67 and h61 boards support it

    not that it matters because with an add in card its running off the pci-e slot so doesnt matter if the motherboard

    doesnt have sata 6gbs ports

    to the op--most of these cheap sata 6gbs add in cards got bad reviews

    most popular one was asus u3s6 and lots of people had problems with them

    so wouldnt recommend them

    you wont see a huge increase in everyday use from sata 2 to sata 3 ssd

    sata 2 ssd is just so fast anyway
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