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I have a coolermaster 690II advanced case, noctua nh-d14 cpu cooler, corsair hx650w psu, asus p8z68 v-pro gen 3 mobo. My question is about the best way to run the fans. should i run all fans on the mobo or should i run them from the psu? Its confusing because the cpu fan headers on the mobo are 4 pin and the noctua has 3 pin chords. Ive read the manuals and the chassis manual really dont explain much. all together there are 1x140mm fan and 2x120mm fans on the case and 1x120mm fan and 1x140mm fan on the cpu cooler. Any help would be great. If any other info is need let me know and i can post. Thank you very much.
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  1. Normally you would want to run case fans from a fan controller. A lot of cases have a built in one. However, it seems like yours does not. A good one is NZXT Sentry Mesh. 5 channels with 30W each (aka you can run more fans per channel if needed). And it would kinda fit the front of you case.

    A fan controller allows you to get some more control over fan noise and airflow.
  2. The fans with the pins go to your motherboard, you can adjust their speeds directly from the motherboard. Molex connected fans will always run @100% speed.
  3. Doesn't that mobo have 2x4 pin for CPU (CPU_fan and CPU_fan_OPT), 4 pin CHN_Fan1, 3 pin CHN_fan2, and 3 pin CHN_fan_PWR?

    Can you daisy chain the case fans?

    You can put a 4 in a 3 and vice versa, here's how.
    According to link, you will lose fan control though by doing this.
  4. there is an adapter to run the noctua cpu cooler fans to one 3 pin. I figured the fourth pin was for speed control. So should i just run the fans to the fan headers on the motherboard? I didnt realize that there wasnt a speed control for my fans. There are plenty of headers on the motherboard but i just wanted to make sure that i wasnt missing something. also when you say i can control the speed from my motherboard does that mean i can set what speed i want from the desktop?
  5. put those to ur mobo
  6. just read through the asus manual and there is a tool called fan xpert. It seems if you can launch this tool and adjust the speed of any of the fan headers voltage to control the speed of any of the fans that are connected. Does anyone have any experience using this tool? If so could you give me a brief rundown on how it works or if there are any problems using the ai tools that are included with the asus software disc. thanks
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