Compatible components for P8Z77-V Pro?

Hi - First time poster, long time watcher! :hello:

I'm about to build my first pc in years and have a question for you regarding the build.

I intend to purchase a P8Z77-V Pro to go along with a Intel Core i7 3770 Quad Core IvyBridge CPU, but I am completely stumped as to what memory to put in it!

I'm a CG professional so I'm intending to make it pretty beefy (with the aim of it lasting a fair few years before I need to upgrade again), hopefully making use of the full 32GB worth of slots. Any recommendations please?

Also, how do I work out how much power/what PSU is required? I will be keeping my current GFX card for a while, which is a GeForce GTX 560, so along with the setup above, it will need to power an optical drive (possibly a new BR drive), an SSD (going to buy a new Samsung), and a 1TB storage drive.

Also, I'm guessing the bundled CPU fan won't be adequate enough, so will I need to replace the fan on my current system, a NOCTUA NH-C14P-SE14, or will this be compatible?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. The bundled heatsink and fan is always enough if you're running at stock speed and seeing as you're buying a locked cpu, it's no problem. Though my rule of thumb is to always buy an aftermarket cooler even if you're not overclocking because I hate the stock cooler. Something like a CM Hyper TX3 should be adequate if you're into replacing the stock cooler.

    For power supply, 500W will be more than enough. Only make sure to get a good unit. I usually recommend seasonic, corsair or antec for good psu. I recommend the Seasonic S12II 520 for starters

    1866MHz memories are quite cheap right now, so I would recommend that over 1600MHz. Try looking for some kits from G.Skill like their Ares or Sniper. Mushkin also has some pretty good memory kits as well
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