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So this is kind of a question to anyone running a dual GPU setup.

Ive ever actually owned a crossfire or SLI machine so ive never seen this happen. Ive read the article on Toms atleast 3 times over and I guess im semi confused about this because in their test its just showing the FPS drops, but really how would anyone notice this because most the time its still over 30 FPS?

I am looking to go after a dual GPU machine to run 3 24 inch monitors. I havnt figured out if I want to go with 2 6970's or 2 570's. It seems like to me its really a toss up but maybe im missing something. New system is going to have an i7 2600k (Thanks NCIX for that grand opening sale @ $269) and a Asus Max Extreme - V z68 motherboard or a EVGA FTW Z68 (Havnt figured out which I want yet). Possible 3 way SLI or 3 way crossfire down the road as well.

Can anyone give me their thoughts with Microstutter ? Mainly going to be looking to play BF3 , MW3, D3 once they are out :) Thanks!
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  1. go with the 6970's, the 2gb ram is needed for such high resolutions. Microstutter is mostly present in low end cards, if at all. some people have lower end cards and never experience it. I think the main problem is that most people who claim to have "crossfire/sli related microstutter" dont even know what it is, there are many many causes for stuttering. Either way its necessary to have at least 2 6970's for the resolution you wish to play at.
  2. Still not sure what to do here. I went and read over the entire article on this again today and it seems like to me if I dont want to deal with much of the microstudder I am going to have to do Tri SLI, or 3 way crossfire. So that brings me to my question question which of the following setups would be best if im Limited to about $1k for graphics cards ?

    2 580GTX SLI
    3 6970 Crossfire X
    3 6950 Crossfire X (? big enough difference to go with the 6970?)
    3 570 SLI

    The large res would only be for some games, IM sure a lot of games I wouldnt even play in SLI mode just because its not supported.

    Anyone have some input on the micro stuttering with just 2 GPUs ?
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