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I have a d-link 4500 wireless router. I have 3 gaming systems and a desktop hardwired to the router. I also have a laptop another gaming system and 3 ipos that run off the router. The problem is that the router gets overloaded and I have to reset the the router about every 5-7 days. My question is can I bridge two routers to lessen the load and will this solve my problem.
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  1. When you say you have "3 ips", do you mean three public IPs (as opposed to private IPs, like 192.168.1.x)?
  2. I meant apple Ipods.
  3. LOL, oh.
  4. You have many gaming consoles/systems. I understand that most any such system will need internet access. But some, like the XBOX, require you open ports so the game can have access INTO your network as well. So I'm curious, do you have more than one of the same gaming systems needing that type of internet access? For example, two XBOX's, two PS3's? Or are they all unique, one of each?
  5. you could add a router and have it function as an AP (access point) by connecting it to you main router via network cable.

    the configuration of the new router would be as follows:

    on the new router:

    disable the DHCP and assign a static IP to LAN side that matches the IP scheme of the D-Link (if the D-Link is assign as the LAN IP)
    set the wireless security up the same as the D-Link.

    on the D-Link:

    disable the wireless.

    now connect the D-Link to one of the four LAN port of the new router
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