Post your PC's performance for the BF3 Beta here!

As said, list your specs and the setting you are playing at. Here's a template so you can just fill in the blanks :)

PC Specs-
Graphics card:

BF3 Settings-
Video Settings:

If you feel anything else should be included, please say so.

The purpose of this thread is that people dont make many threads asking how a certain card would perform.

And if possible, list how you play on with all the preset settings.
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  1. Updated OP.

  2. PC Specs-
    MB: EVGA X58 Classified
    Graphics card: GF GTX260 x3 GTX9600 PPU
    CPU:i7 920 @4.199Ghz
    RAM: G-Skill Trident @2000Mhz 6Gb
    HDD:WD 2TB balck

    BF3 Settings-Almost all Ultra
    Resolution:1920x1080 @60hz
    Video Settings:Application Controlled
    FPS:LOW:22, AVERAGE: 49, HIGH:123

    Get Mad stuttering and lag then crash; it always says disconnected from server?
    Then cannot connect to server again not online.
  3. balck i meant Black (HDD)
  4. PC Specs-
    Graphics card: GTS 250 1GB
    CF/SLI?: Nope.
    CPU: Intel Q6600
    RAM: 2GB 667mhz
    HDD: irrelevant, no? anyway, some WD 320GB model

    BF3 Settings-
    Resolution: 1680x1050
    Video Settings: lowest possible
    AA?: nope
    FPS: very poor. almost unplayable. reduces res to 1280x800, but is still running slow
  5. To even say its poor when you hardly meet minimum requirements......think about it
  6. PC Specs-
    Graphics card: Gigabyte HD 6950 Windforce 3
    CPU:Intel i7 870
    RAM:8GB DDR3 1333
    HDD: Intel 40GB SSD (OS), 500GB Seagate Barracuda

    BF3 Settings-
    Resolution: 1440x900
    Video Settings: Preset Ultra

    Gonna Xfire my HD6950 in December. Also mention, at times mouse lag does occur :/
  7. My Specs:

    Graphics: GeForce GTX 560 TI AMP! Edition (Driver build 250-something. Nvidia BF3 Beta Driver)
    SLI: No, but planning on getting another 560 TI AMP.
    CPU: Intel Core i5 2500k @ Stock clock (Will OC when it's actually needed)
    Ram: 8GB Vengeance
    HDD: 2x 500GB WD Cavalier Blue
    BF3 Settings (For benchmark)
    Resolution: 1080
    Settings: Ultra
    AA: Yes
    FPS: 52 - 71 (According to fraps)
    BF3 Settings (For play)
    Resolution: 1080
    Settings: High
    AA: Yes
    FPS: 58 - 82 (According to fraps)

    Although I also get bad stuttering on Ultra, despite a decent frame rate. I'm hoping this is a driver/software issue, and once I get the actual game I'll be able to play on Ultra... It's just so darn pretty....
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