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Hey, I bought a computer from someone recently for cheap, knowing it would need a few upgrades in due course. It came with an nVidia GeForce GT 220 GPU, an Intel core i7-2600 CPU, all plugged into an Intel DP67DE motherboard. It is not relevant, but that lives in an XPredator chassis, so plenty of space and cooling. I have been playing around online trying to get a feel for how I can upgrade, what parts are out there and what the market is like. However, almost a decade of working exclusively on laptops bought FOR me has left me a bit lost. My last laptop was the Del studio 1749, an awesome workhorse, but in need of retirement.

I favour the Asus rampage (below) with the AMD Radeon HD 6870 of some kind with plans for Crossfire later. I do not see any major problem with putting those two together. The Radeon 'HD-687A-CDFC' model may be an over-powered beast in this union, if so, let me know. The CPU should be able to move across to the new motherboard too.

I have put up a few other options so you can get an idea of what price and performance I am looking at.

1. Asus Rampage IV GENE X79 gaming mATX motherboard, ROG
2. Asus Maximus IV GENE Z68 Motherboard, ROG
3. P8Z68-M PRO

1. AMD Radeon HD 6870
a. MSI, model 'R6870 Hawk'
b. SFX, model 'HD-687A-CDFC'
2. nVidia GeForce GTX 560 Ti
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  1. 1st thing is the Asus Rampage IV GENE X79 gaming mATX motherboard, ROG

    its a sandybridge-e board on socket 2011 so wont accept a 2600 as thats socket 1155
  2. The Rampage gene x76 won't work with the i7 2600.

    For the MB, I'd say the Asus P8Z68-v pro

    For GPU I'd say 560 ti (Get the 2gb model), mainly because if you double up on your 560 ti's you'd have a kick ass machine.

    Hope it helps, enjoy.
  3. gtx560ti is a good choice

    all the motherboards you listed are matx is there a reason why you didnt want a full atx?
  4. I vote for the Maximus Gene-Z and the 560 Ti.

    If you can, I would wait until Keplar comes out.

    You could also get the Maximus Extreme which is the bigger brother to the Gene. Just make sure your case can fit ATX mobos.
  5. go with newest gpu hd7850-hd7870 due anytime now
    P8Z68-M PRO
  6. Why not atx?
  7. Hmmm, that kinda sucks. I was hoping on keeping the i7 for a while longer and upgrading it later. i.e. do a staggered upgrade. if that's the case, I will need to delay a short while and get a new processor too.

    The full ATX boards (the extreme range) are a bit out of my price range from what I see, but I may need to revisit the motherboard and look for ones that will work with my current processor ... or, look for a new processor.

    I had a look at a review site for the GPU's and from what I see, the Radeon looks stronger. Is there a reason you all keep suggesting the 550 ti? I did notice the Radeon came out in late 2010 an the 550 ti came out early 2011.
    Here's the link,
  8. You don't need the extreme atx boards, a high end atx board will perform just as well. I suggest the asus p8z68-v pro/gen 3, we didn't suggest the 550ti, we suggest the 560ti. I personally like the 560ti HAWK the best.
  9. Sorry, I confused myself there. My question is then why the 560 ti instead of the HD 6870?

    With the correct comparison, the gap between the two cards is bridged, so I'll assume it comes down to personal preference.

    Yeah, that was what I was thinking. I read a few reviews and got the impression that the gene range packs enough of a punch for the price that I don't need to go for the extreme range. The rampage is still looking best out of the two mATX boards. If you have any suggestions for an ATX board that would compete with the Rampage IV gene, I'm open, but the P8Z68-M PRO is also being suggested quite a lot here. I'm going to try find a better comparison between that and the P8Z68-M PRO. I'll also see about getting some details on the p8z68-v pro/gen 3, and the 560 ti HAWK you mentioned.

    The soon to be released HD 7850-7870's will likely be out of my price range, about 400 dollars. The GPU's I have been looking at all sit in the 150-200 range. I live far from the home of the 'mighty' dollar, so it will be a rough conversion, but let me set a price range for the two components I need at around 400 to 500 dollars. 500 at a stretch.

    Then I still need to look into processors to go with this.

    I need to come to terms with this being a system overhaul, not a staggered improvement, sighs.
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