Please help, no display on new motherboard

Had my Asus P8Z77-V motherboard die on me after 2 weeks of use last week. Got my replacement yesterday.

It started fine. But I had no display. I fiddled around with the sata ports and it booted up. All my previous data from both my ssd and hdd were there. But after 5 mins of use I got a windows error and my PC shut down. I restarted everything, it was good for 2 minutes, then windows error again.

Now I get no display again. I've tried, unplugging everything but the cpu and ram, still no display using onboard display. I've cleared cmos. The monitor is fine.

Please help
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  1. Could be short in one of your power supply wires or internally. I would replace it or look for a used one on craigslist. I use antec and ocz.
  2. Its not a short as I've tried it outside the case on a cardboard box. My power supply is an antec 750w true power.
  3. Could be a bad batch of boards from asus; if you rma again, I would go with a different brand and sell the rma replacement. I use biostar and msi, but my main board is an asus h61, working flawlessly so far.
  4. I just tried my RAM (2 x 4GB corsair vengeance) in another older DDR3 system and it did not boot. I had RAM error beep codes. But, when I tried the RAM from my older system in this computer, I had exacly the same problem.
  5. I have similar problems with P8Z77-m Pro

    I got a replacement board and still no POST.... Now I am waiting for the store to tell me what are the options...
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