9500 GS upgrading

Hi there I want to buy a new Graphic card because of Battlefield 3 is coming out soon i don't really care about high settings i just want to be able to play on medium or even low setting

power supply 350v max ; 200-240 v

1600x 900 res montior

overclock nope

HP model m9500y

Pricessor AMD Phenom 9760 quad core 2.40ghz


64 Bit

Motherboard MSI; Model: Aspen : 1.0 GI PCI -Express link Width : x16 max Support 16 Bus Width 128 bits

price range 60 - 100

idk if this can work ? http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814150535
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  1. the res of your system isnt bad, half decent CPU, good amouynt of ram.

    your video card is the only thing holding you back.

    athe more you spend on the video card the better things will be.

    my reccomendation would be save a little longer (BF3 isnt out just yet) and move up to a 6870 if possiable.
  2. HugoStiglitz said:

    D: the max i can only spend is 120 $ lame. is there any thing a little cheaper?
  3. look for its little brother the 6850

    $119.99 after cashback


    if you can save for an extra week or 2 to get the 6870 @ $149.99 i would definatly reccomend in doing so.
  4. @HugoStiglitz--He's got an OEM machine with a PSU mislabeled as 350W max. That's actually probably only got 18A on his +12V rail, or 216W--making it a 235W PSU.

    That means you can't responsibly recommend anything that uses an auxiliary power connector.

    What are the best cards that don't need auxiliary connectors? The 5670 is the simple answer and the 6670 is the most accurate answer.

    Get a 5670 or 6670 with DDR5 memory (DDR3 is noteably slower). The performance difference between the 5670 and 6670 is minimal because the 6670 is just a slightly tweaked 5670.

    A 5670 ranges from $45 to $75. Either go on Amazon.com and pay $65 right now or keep an eye on slickdeals.net until the card you're looking for pops up (use their search feature). Remember DDR5 NOT DDR3.

    And in case you're wondering, the GT 240 is quite a bit weaker.
  5. @dalauder, I dont think reccomending a 5670 / 6670 to play BF3 is wise.

    its a rock and a hard place.

    when you run his specs throught a PSU calculator its at around 280w, it will be close but should get the job done.
  6. @hugstiglitz--That's true...but he's using a 9500 GS, so he's used to really terrible visuals. He'll be able to play BF3 on LOW with that card--maybe on medium.

    On the other hand, he should just pick up a Corsair CX430 for $20 after rebate and then he can use any graphics card (okay, not a GTX 480).

    The best you can do for $100 AND get that PSU is a Radeon 5770 or 6770 on sale for $80 after rebate. Keep an eye on slickdeals.net and see if it comes up.

    Here's a GTX 460 1GB for $99 after rebate: http://slickdeals.net/forums/showthread.php?t=3347118

    That's a great deal if you can stretch your budget to include it.
  7. Can this work ?

    And HERE is more info on my COM
  8. It could work, but if you're spending $80 AR for a 6670, you really should spend $100 AR for a GTX 460 1GB (not SE version!). You'll see in this review that a GTX 460 1GB often gets over double the FPS: http://www.overclockersclub.com/reviews/sapphire_hd6670/9.htm

    This takes you from a lousy gaming experience to a great experience, but it does cost you $120 if you include buying a Corsair CX430 PSU so your computer can handle it. Keep in mind, you can bring this PSU and graphics card to your next computer in 2 years.

    If you want to stay cheap, keep in mind the 6670 is only a 10% bump on the 5670. So you may as well get the $60 5670 DDR5: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814102871
    Price/performance a 5670 and the GTX 460 1GB w/ PSU are about the same. If you want to enjoy playing BF3 though, a 5670 won't quite do it.
  9. dalauder said:
    It could work, but if you're spending $80 AR for a 6670, you really should spend $100 AR for a GTX 460 1GB (not SE version!). ... If you want to enjoy playing BF3 though, a 5670 won't quite do it.

    Sorry for not responding so i manage to save up 250$ so now i was looking at the MSI R6850 now i was just wanding what power supply i would need and also i noticed ( Full PC Spec's )on mother board there a 802.11 Wireless a/b/g/n PCI-Express x1 card that's taking up a Bracket if pulling out the wireless card would it be a problem freeing up the space for the new card since the card takes up 2 bracket spaces ?
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