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Z77 chipset question, do we really need high end board?
And can someone can clarify the point and tell me,

Is it worth to go for msi z77 mopwer board than asrock extreme 4
I know all then extra feature and oc capabilities,

But again is it worth?

And dont recommend me any asus ang gigabyte board.
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  1. For normal use and some overclocking no! For record breaking overclocking yes.
  2. Well the asrock extreme 4 is pretty modestly priced. 130$
    worth it to pay extra for the chipset? not really, though it doesn't make it any less powerful.
  3. You don't need a high board especially if you're building a PC on a constraint budget and the rest of the parts are mediocre and as rolli59 said you're not doing any record breaking overclocking. This is one of the few things I've seen a lot of new builders keep repeating over and over again. Most of them spend $250+ on an Asus ROG or Sabertooth or MSI Mpower boards just because they look great and they think the features are awesome. And on the other hand, they spend like $100 for a video card, less than $100 for a psu and haven't even considered an SSD. In fact, some of them don't even have an unlocked CPU (sigh). I'm not referring to anybody on this thread though.

    Just a question, why won't you consider Asus or Gigabyte motherboards? They are the 2 top tier motherboard manufacturers right now with MSI and Asrock following afterwards.
  4. First i really like the dual bios of the msi board. Like a safety net for me, and will come in handy in 3+ years, and that motherboard have a number of usb ports.

    The only dislike for the extreme 4 is mostly unable to go past 4.5 or even 4.4 even with a delided chip, and the usb ports..

    I why i hate those board? Because of it gay blue colour..

    Aside from that, can anyone recommend aboard with dual bios, bunch of usb, 4.5-4.7 oc capability, intuitively place headers and many more aside from msi gd65?

    And seriuosly it there a big dif with 3570k oc to 4.3 compare to 4.7?
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    There is a difference and it's significant though not necessarily huge. However, in games for example, that cpu is more than enough at stock speeds. Overclocking it makes even more sense after a couple years when games or some programs is becoming more demanding.
  6. More motherboard option? Including asus and gigabyte?
  7. Meh~ more?
  8. Why don't you just browse newegg for some quick search? Any motherboard over $170 is usually not worth it in my opinion but this only applies to LGA1155. For LGA2011, it's a different story
  9. Your motherboard should be able to support your needs like pci slots, usb slots, and your z77 chipset.Some are more fancier than others like "better cooling" etc.But only get what you need.
  10. Ok, i will browse those tomorrow, btw thank, i will reply later
  11. So after a lot of browsing, still i would take my old fav the msi m power board coz of it capabilities, features and much..

    Off topic a little, i will be using vengeance low profile ram, so which colour? White or black?
  12. Depends on you. Aesthetic is subjective
  13. I cant decide black board with balck ram or white...
    And colour of cpu cooler..
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