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I want to buy a graphics card from Newegg and it has a 3 year warranty. However I am pretty sure that you can only return items withing 30 days. If My graphics card breaks will I be able to ask Newegg to replace the graphics card since it says that it has a 3 year warranty (parts) and 2 year warranty (labor).
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  1. No the 3 year warranty is provided by the manufactuer of the graphics card. Newegg only provides a 30 day warranty/exchange/replacement warranty. After 30 days from purchase you need to contact the graphics card manufacturer for any warranty coverage.
  2. So I would have to call up the manufacturer if my graphics card dies after 1 year and they will replace it with no fee? I pay the shipping. Also would the warranty cover the graphics card dying from overheating?
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    Most PC hardware suppliers have websites, customer tech support, online RMA applets, etc.

    Normally burn-out of electrical components is NOT covered. There should be no reason for the Vid card to overheat if your case has proper airflow and the card has a proper functioning fan/heatsink. You can e-mail the Vid card suplier for a copy of the warranty if you don't have it.
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