How much will additional case fans really help?

hi i currently have a cooler master haf 912 case with 3 case fans. 1 in the front, 1 in the rear, and 1 on the top. How much will 2 or 3 additional case fans ( 1 in front, 1 on top, mayb 1 on the side) help my hardware? how many degrees celcius drop can i reasonably expect?

thanks! :hello:

edit: oh yea, its all 120mm fans 2000 rpm
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  1. Well, depending on the size of the fans, and also if its a pull/push exhaust configuration, you may be able to reduce anywhere from 0c-5c.
  2. bit of a subjective question really

    since we dont know what hardware you have in there

    and if its already running cool enough

    its kind of hard to answer
  3. It really depends on what your hardware is and what you do. More fans doesn't always mean better temps, but it always guarantees more noise.

    If you have a power house inside (SB-E, 590), you might notice a difference in temps. If you have a i3 and a low end GPU, you most likely benefit from extra fans since the 912 is already a great performer at stock.
  4. Hi :)

    Maybe just maybe 1 -2 degrees ...MAXIMUM...

    All the best Brett :)
  5. hmm probably not worth the extra noise..

    alright thanks guys

    edit: oh yea currently my cpu is at 31 celcius, hard drive 28 celcius, video card 46 celcius, systin 30 celcius, cputin 34 celcius, auxtin 15 celcius, tmpin3 40 celcius, when im watching a streaming video
  6. The HAF 912 allows for some decent fan upgrades imo.
    Mounting a 200mm front intake and top exhaust is worthwhile.
    Larger diameter fans provide optimum cooling performance at reduced noise levels.
    Coolermaster Megaflow 200MM Red LED
  7. we don't know your hardware and how much your present temp, but i think these 3 fans is enough.. 1 in front for intake, 1 at the rear for exhaust and another at the top also for exhaust. But put in mind that your intake must be equal to exhaust. Push and Pull..
  8. Fans work best with positive pressure flow
    more exhaust than intake
    for an example look at the corsair 600t
    1 200 mm intake
    1 200 mm and a 120 mm exhaust
  9. Bit-Tech recently did an excellent article on fan placement:

    With only 3 fans, the best placement was side, rear and top. This was using 120mm fans. Really interesting read...
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