Problem with new Gigabyte Motherboard

Hi everybody,

I'm having some difficulty with my new Gigabyte motherboard (GA-B75M-D3H). The computer boots fine (beeps on startup) and can be booted into a Windows installation CD but after about three to four minutes the monitor will go black but with a garbled mess on the left hand side of the screen. Occasionally it will display random flashing colors. This happens even when in the BIOS settings menu.
My specs are as follows:

Corsair CX 430 PSU
Intel i5-3450
Gigabyte GA-B75M-D3H
Corsair Vengance 8GB DD3

I am using the on-board graphics as I currently don't have a discrete card.javascript:void(0)

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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  1. Sounds like you may be overheating. Look in bios for temps and tell us what they are... This could be caused by improper installation of your heatsink. Did you use the stock heatsink that came with your cpu? Lots of people don't get the pins inserted all the way in the motherboard and don't get good contact between the heatsink and cpu. Also, did you remove the plastic protective film from the heatsink when you installed it? I didn't once and it caused all kinds of trouble.... hehe.
  2. Hi zdbc13,

    The CPU temperature reads at around 35 - 37 degrees right up until it crashes. System temp stays at around 22 degrees. I am using the stock heatsink that came with the CPU, which does seem to be tightly fitted to the motherboard. Do you think it would be worth removing the heatsink and re-seating it? Im not sure the heatsink came with a plastic film.
  3. Those temps are not bad. You may have some defective hardware, cpu or motherboard. Did you try any overclocking or otherwise mess with your BIOS? You might try resetting the bios before rmaing anything.
  4. That would seem to make sense. I have not overclocked anything and have reset the BIOS to no avail. It just seems strange that everything works fine for a few minutes and then fails completely.
  5. Computers fail in all sorts of ways. They're complicated pieces of electronics. Sh*t happens....
  6. Tried running with only one dimm of ram?
  7. trumpeter1994 said:
    Tried running with only one dimm of ram?

    Yes, still crashes :(
  8. Could this be an overheating issue even though the BIOS seems to read the temp as fine?
  9. BIOS is usually pretty good with temps. It reads directly from the sensors. You could test this by removing your heatsink, clean all the old paste off with rubbing alcohol, and using new past re-mount the heatsink. Then check the temps and see if it works any better. Maybe watch some youtubes about attaching the heatsink?
  10. I have remounted the heatsink to no avail. Do you think this could be a VRAM issue? I've tried running Memtest86+ to establish whether either of my RAM sticks is faulty, however the computer craps out before the test can be completed. Interestingly Memtest86+ lists my RAM settings as (SETTINGS RAM: 665mhz/CAS 6-6-6-20/Single Channel) but my RAM is Corsair 8GB DDR3 1600MHz Vengeance Memory, - PC3-12800
    - CL9 ( 9-9-9-24 ) 1.5V.
  11. Well, that could be a problem. Try setting the memory to the SPD or manually set it to what it's supposed to be in BIOS.
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