Stability and lagging issues- is it heat? PLEASE HELP

Here's the story. I built this computer a while back and from the start I've had stability issues. I figured it was the overclocking so I reset everything to default. The computer would often crash after just 10 minutes of starcraft 2 or after about 30 min of battlefield 3. I took it apart, made sure all connections were solid, updated all drivers, ran a smart scan of the hard drive and even flashed my bios. As far as stability, I think I've seen some improvement. However, the pc still lags, especially in battlefield 3. I can only get about 17fps average on the lowest settings.

here are my specs:

Gigabyte ga-ma785gmtud2h mobo
athlon II X2 dual core @ 3ghz
500gb WD green hd
500watt earthwatts power supply
6gb of kingston hyperx ram
zotac geforce9800 gt 512mb
20inch acer widescreen monitor, 1600x900 native resolution

I was under the impression that this rig could run BF3 at higher settings, and certainly run the lowest settings without lag. please correct me if i'm wrong.

I ran speed fan after 30min of bf3 (now that stability issues may have been solved)
the temps shown were:
GPU 49
Core 57
HD 33
temp1 34
temp2 69
temp 3 61

If you guys have any input that would be most appreciated, thanks!
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  1. forgot to mention the os is windows 7 64bit
  2. Sorry but your 9800 GT 512MB isn't very good for BFBC3.

    Your CPU is also quite weak - X2 dual core at 3Ghz.

    Try lowering your resolution - 1600x900 would be very taxing on your computer (due to your low specs). Bring your resolution down 1 notch and try again. BF3 is quite the demanding game, especially in the GPU department.
  3. thanks for your reply. im working on overclocking the cpu and gpu right now and performance has improved but stability is an issue again. what resolution should i try?
  4. What resolution is below 1600x900? 1280x720 would be worth a shot - or if you can select a resolution between 1280x720 and 1600x900. Whichever resolution looks best for your screen (besides the 1600x900).

    1280x720 is still high definition (HD starts at 720P, i personally don't consider 720i HD).
  5. your hardware isn't worthy enough for that game. over clocking will add to your woes................. before I read you were over clocking my advice would have been to put direct air flow on the NB heat sink. Hottest spot on those boards.
  6. overclocking helped, the game now runs without any lag but of course its just on low settings... i figure i need a new gpu and probably cpu but im not looking to invest right now. thanks for your help guys, ive got it all worked out now.
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