Building my pc - Need advice/suggestions

Hello everyone. I plan on building my first pc around Christmas time and I have a few questions regarding the pc parts.

I am using a build almost identical to my cousin's. He has posted here before and this is a link to his build:

You can go look on his thread for the details but I'll post the parts here too:

Problem here - This product has been deactivated. Any suggestions for the replacement? I have been told to check out the Radeon 6850:

Power Supply:





Apart from the graphics card, does anyone have any suggestions where I am upgrade for a good price? Or possibly get a cheaper version of a part if it is not worth the money? I am also keeping an eye out for some possible Black Friday deals. If anyone knows of any, can you please let me know?

Thanks in advance for any assistance!
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  1. You can save $8 by buying this RAM (the heatspreaders won't do much good unless you're overclocking the RAM):

    G.SKILL NS 4GB Model F3-10666CL9D-4GBNS $21

    You can also save $25 by going with this case:
    NZXT Beta EVO $45

    With the $30 you saved, you can buy a Radeon 6870, which is better than the 6850:
  2. PSU is built for Corsair by Channelwell which in and of itself doesn't mean much as CW also builds their premium HX series line. But for $60 you could have either the XFX Core Edition 650 or Corsair TX650 V2 which are quite a step above the CX series.
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    Get this case. It's one of the best case at this price point $50

    Get this motherboard $70 H67. You don't need P67 lol.

    Get this CPU + GPU combo i3-2100 + 6870. You save $12
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